Order Procedure 下单步骤

Please read the order procedure before making an order, thank you.

Step 1 :
Please read and understand our shopping policies before you start making an order.

Step 2 :
Select your lovely product and fill in the order form and submit to us.
* Orders is only acceptable via email.

Step 3 :
After we have receive your email, order confirmation and the estimated date of accomplishment will email to you.

Step 4 :
After you received the order confirmation, please Bank In or Transfer the payment (Product Price + Shipping Charges) within 2 working days. If there is no reply from you with the bank advice/bank reference number, your order will be cancelled without any further notice.

Step 5 :
After receive your bank advice/bank reference number, our email acknowledgement will send to you, if you do not receive the email within 2 working days, please do inform us. This is to secure your order is in process and your product is sending for production.

After finished reading, you may make your order here.


第一步 :

第二步 :
* 我们只接受通过电子邮件的订单。

第三步 :

第四步 :
当您收到订单确认时,请在2天之内汇款或转移支付(产品价格+运费)给我们。如果没有收到您的银行咨询/银行支付号码, 您的订单将在得不到任何的通知下被取消。

第五步 :


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